These closing costs are based on a conventional purchase transaction in Kansas with a sales price of $200,000 and a loan amount of $150,000.

  • Origination Fee - $625.00
  • Appraisal - $450.00
  • Credit Report - $49.00
  • Flood Certification - $12.00
  • Title Insurance - $350.00
  • Recording Fees - $280.00
  • Delivery Fees - $25.00

Important Notices

  • This closing fee estimate only includes the fees for items that are required by Mainstreet Federal Credit Union and are typically paid by the purchaser.  Fees that are typically the expense of the seller are not included.  Review your sales contract to verify whether you are responsible for any items that are not listed above. 
  • This fee estimate does not include advances that may be required at closing such as interest due or initial deposits for escrow accounts, if applicable. 
  • This closing fee estimate is subject to change.